Flawless, natural looking tan just £20

At Urban Tanning, we are known for our Spray Tans. We have even had the pleasure of being recommended by Vogue.com and Glamour.com and have been giving people Spray Tans for 10 years. As a family business, we offer a friendly, unrivalled customer experience and take pride in looking after our customers.

Our spray tanning uses the Urban Tan spray to give you a natural, flawless tan in minutes and is used by A-listers including Jennifer Aniston and Paris Hilton. 

Our Beauty Therapists are highly trained to use the latest Air-brush tanning equipment and techniques to leave you with a result that is flawless and natural looking. Whether it’s your first time for a Spray Tan or you have had one before, our staff will make you feel comfortable and talk you through all of the positions needed to achieve an even tan.

We use the Urban Tan solution for our Spray Tans in 2 shades – Celebrity (for a light to medium looking tan) and Chocolate (for a darker tan or for those who already have a base tan). We can even customise the solution and mix it to suit your own skin tone. The Urban Tan Spray Tan is the ultimate in sunless tanning. It’s even easy on your skin too as it contains aloe vera and is paraben free.

Our Spray Tan is perfectly safe for pregnant women too.

To book your Spray Tan call us on 020 7228 3300 or book now using our online booking system.