**BRAND NEW TUBES FITTED on stand-up sunbeds**

Urban Tanning has been in the business of making people Bronzed and Golden for over 10 years. As a family business, we offer a friendly, unrivalled customer experience and take pride in looking after our customers.

We have high powered stand-up sunbeds, with BRAND NEW TUBES as well as laydown sunbeds and charge on a per minute basis as well as offering sunbed courses. If you want fast results use our stand–up sunbeds. With a recommended maximum exposure of 6 minutes per session our stand-up sunbeds are some of the strongest in the area powered with 200w bulbs. They also have built in face and leg booster tanners too – making sure that your tan is even from top to toe. A full list of features and pricing for our stand-up sunbeds is available here.

Or, if you prefer to relax and feel like you’re at the beach our laydown sunbeds are just the ticket. With built in air conditioning and 3 facial tanners, the laydown sunbeds can be used for up to 14 minutes per session. A full list of features and pricing for the laydown sunbeds is available here.

Alternatively, if you are looking for a non UV tan, try our Urban Tan Spray Tan. Our Spray Tan will leave you with a bronzed, flawless and natural looking tan. It contains aloe vera and is paraben free. Even the likes of Paris Hilton have used the Urban Tan solution that we use here at Urban Tanning. If you’re in need of an instant tan for a wedding, special occasion or before you head off on holiday book your appointment today by calling us on 020 7228 3300 or using our online booking system.