We have both laydown and stand up sunbeds here at Urban Tanning.

Our Wave Laydown model sunbeds come equipped with 3 facial tanners, a built in shoulder tanner and are fully air conditioned.  If you like to relax as you develop your tan then laydown sunbeds offer just that. Walk-ins welcome. 

Soltron Wave M55 features

  • Facial Tanners
  • Air Conditioned
  • Shoulder Tanners
  • Built in stereos

If you plan on using the sunbeds on a regular basis it works out cheaper to buy a course (which can be mixed and matched on both our laydown and stand up sunbeds). Our prices are below:

Pay as you go £1 per minute courses, or:

Sunbed courses at Urban TanningCostCost per minute with course
30 minutes£22.5075p
60 minutes£39.0065p
90 minutes£54.0060p
120 minutes£66.0055p
180 minutes£90.0050p
240 minutes£108.0045p

Please note the maximum exposure on our laydown sunbeds is 12 minutes.

We also stock an extensive selection of tan accelerators and tan maximising products to help you get the most of your tan for our sunbeds. Come in to view our range and work on your tan.