Our stand up sunbeds at Urban Tanning are the most powerful in Battersea and Clapham Junction and have just been fitted with brand new tubes!!! We use 200W high powered bulbs and the beds come equipped with face and leg tan booster bulbs too. What’s more, all the tubes in our stand up beds have been replaced and are even stronger.  If you want a tan and are in a hurry, stand up beds are better as you get faster results. Walk-ins welcome.

Symphony Stand Up Features

  • 48 x 200 watt lamps – now with new tubes!
  • Stereo
  • Air cooling fan
  • Face and leg tan boosters
Sunbed courses at Urban TanningCostCost per minuteCourse Savings
30 minutes£25.0083p£5.00
60 minutes£46.0076p£14.00
90 minutes£64.0071p£26.00
120 minutes£78.0042p£42.00
180 minutes£108.0060p£72.00
240 minutes£130.0054p£110.00

Please note the maximum recommended exposure on our Stand Up beds is 6 minutes. 

We also stock an extensive selection of tan accelerators and tan maximising products to help you get the most of your tan for our sunbeds. Come in to view our range and work on your tan.